The best reflexology, when we knock on the door the stress melts away!

"If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty within"
Chinese proverb


"The best kept secret" Marie Claire Magazine

Keah Lan is a gifted healer, pilates and yoga teacher who has been studying the sacred healing arts for over 20 years. Her unique, interdisciplinary approach blends healing through reflexology with the wisdom of Chinese medicine and qi gong, handed down from a family of healers. This website has been inspired by her wellness journey to help others live a healthy lifestyle.

From ironing out small niggles to shortening labour and assisting with labour pain, Keah’s curative powers and therapeutic expertise have soothed, calmed and rejuvenated her loyal client base for over 15 years. Keah has developed a broad range of private clients, including well-known artists, world leaders and innovative business people, and celebrities although she would never dream of discussing it.
Keah offers a wealth of knowledge and well honed techniques to get you back on track. Tailor made consultations for individuals supported by referals for homeopathy and acupuncture from others top in the field. 

"Healing our society goes hand and hand with healing our personal, elemental connection with the phenomenal world"
~ Chögyam Trungpa

Her reflexology sessions are unique and address imbalances in the body and mind to restore equilibrium. ‘Besides being a relaxing experience, reflexology is also very revealing of our emotional and physical strengths and weaknesses’ explains Keah. ‘It is very revealing and can identify possible deficiencies in your diet, exercise routine and general wellness’.
She particularly excels when it comes to pre and post-natal reflexology,and always offers client's children a free session, they love reflexology  - health awareness needs to start form an early age.

Many of Keah's clients will only see her, however she only has one pair of hands so next year is dedicated to training some gifted healers  in her method. She  or one of her experts  visit your home, office, hotel or hospital to establish a holistic haven. From fertility to fatigue, Keah will take the weight off your feet and offer invaluable support and insight.

Just call, and Keah will bring the calm.

Fran Weakley

Yoga teacher

Fran teaches on our workshops and mini retreats and is a co-contributor to the running and managing of them.
We are very lucky to have Fran on our team  as my business partner for retreats and workshops.
Fran started practicing yoga 11 years ago, initially with a goal to stay in shape and to better manage the effects of pounding the pavements.
Very soon she found that yoga became her medicine – it strengthened her joints and released muscle tension which helped to prevent injuries.

But, better than that, she started noticing everything else that yoga offered: a general sense of well-being, a sense of calm & stillness, and also a sense of community. All these things she craved, particularly to balance the stresses brought by her job in the corporate world. Fran's passion for everything that Yoga offers made her want to offer more and so  she trained with Katy Appleton in 2014. Fran teaches a dynamic vinyasa flow style of yoga, that is upbeat and fun.

"I love to connect with all my students and be on hand to offer adjustments make them feel energised, aligned but also leave with a sense of stillness."

Nafisa Mustafa

Maternity massage

Tried and tested by us, reflexology is supported by other holistic therapies and we are glad to be able refer other experts in their field.
Nafisa Mustafa is a gifted healer and provides maternity massage and baby massage classes and can provide consultations to support you through birth.

Nafisa has worked as a complementary therapist since 2000.
Her journey and affinity for natural living has begun at a very young age. 
Since becoming a mother her work has become more pregnancy and maternity focused.

Women’s bodies are wondrous and are designed to give birth. Nafisa also uses Hypno - birthing techniques which help you release fears and negative thought patterns so your body can give birth in the natural way it is designed to do. 

A combination of breathing, relaxation, visualisation exercises, and positive language and thoughts can release stress from the body, reducing fear and pain.

All the treatments Nafisa offer complement each other, and work at healing and balancing the body, working with nature in the best possible way.

Cassandra Everett

Fertility Homeopath

Tired and tested by us we are now firm believers in the powers of homeopathy, especially with Cassandra Everett. 

Cassie Everett the founder of ‘Become Fertile’ is an accomplished homeopath with over 10 years experience, she teaches and supervises other homeopaths and runs regular workshops across London.
She has a wide variety of clients from children to professional business men and women. Cassie runs clinics across London but if you’re not based in London online consultations via Skype are available.
For more on natural fertility have a look at Cassandras articles here.

For more info go to www.becomefertile.com