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Homeopathic tips for the new season

by Cassandra Everett

Now that the trees are half bare, autumn feels well and truly here and although we are still getting a sprinkling of sunny days it’s that time of year that everyone starts to feel a little under the weather.   If you find yourself also catching those pesky colds why not try some simple homeopathic remedies to help you get back on your feet.

  My top 5 favourite homeopathic remedies for colds include:

  1. Aconite 30c Your number 1 remedy for nipping colds in the bud.  There is often a sudden onset after exposure to cold.  
  2. Arsen Alb 30c Burning, watery nasal discharge alternating with dryness.  Frequent sneezing, feeling v chilly.  Nostrils become sore and red, they feel better for heat 
  3. Nat Mur 30c Profuse clear nasal discharge, watery eyes and loss of smell and taste.  They can also have watery catarrh which drips down the back of throat.
  4. Ferr Phos 30c Tired, weary not feeling quite right.  First signs of a cold and flu.  Red inflamed eyes.  Chill with shivering and fever with flushed face.  Hot, burning eyes
  5. Pulsatilla 30c Chilliness even in a warm room, nasal catarrh often green, bland and thick, dry mouth no thirst, painful headache, better fresh air.

Select the remedy from the list above that most closely matches your symptoms and take 6 doses on the first day then take 3 doses a day for the following 3-5 days but stop as soon as you see significant improvement in your symptoms. You can buy the remedies from a good health food store or a homeopathic pharmacy like  Nelsons  homeopathic pharmacy by calling 0207 629 3118. 

If you’re like me you may find that your skin starts to get dry as the weather turns colder.  So why not try taking a simple home remedy: drink a glass of warm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, a small pinch of mineral salt and 2 tablespoons of pomegranate or lime juice.  Drink this mixture a couple of times per day, plus taking a fish oil supplement throughout the winter also helps keep the skin moisturised from the inside out!

Taking a good multi vitamin and mineral as well as a probiotic at the change in a season also boosts the immune system along with plenty of sleep.

If you also get blocked sinuses a steam inhalation of eucalyptus or tea tree oil can be a great way of clearing the passageways and easing your breathing.

Cassie Everett is a homeopath and Natural Fertility expert.  For more information or to contact her please see: or